How can I participate?

The fan videos can easily be uploaded here.

How can I record the video?

The best and easiest way is to record the video with your smartphone.

What do I have to keep in mind when shooting a video?

  • Shoot in landscape format.
  • Before you start the actual fan video, let the recording run for a few seconds. This guarantees good picture and sound quality.
  • Do not film against the light, i.e. in front of the window.
  • Make sure that the picture does not wobble.

The fan video must not be larger than 50 MB for the upload to work.
Tip: With a shorter video (approx. 15 seconds), the file size will be correspondingly smaller.

What kind of content can my video have?

Cheer on the world’s orienteering elite as if you were there at the finish line. Use all the fan articles you have at hand.

How many people are allowed to be on the video?

Several people are allowed to be seen in a fan video.

When can I see my uploaded video on TV?

The fan videos will be shown on the big screen in the finish arenas on the competition days. It cannot be guaranteed that a submitted video will be published (see conditions of participation).